Screen Gems Film Studios in Wilmington, NC

Screen Gems Studios Wilmington NC
Screen Gems Studios North Carolina is the largest full service motion picture facility in the country not located in California. Over the course of its 20 year history, it has been home to over 300 productions. Screen Gems Wilmington North Carolina film and television production complex stretches over 50 acres. It has 10 sound stages, 30,000 square feet of office space, and two special effects water tanks. 

EUE Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, NC features wardrobe facilities, construction shops, prop and set decoration warehouses and more. Stay in tune with for details about current productions, tours, and more at EUE Screen Gems Studios North Carolina! Visiting EUE Screen Gems Studios from out of town? Take advantage of excellent hotel deals offered by our local partner. 

Screen Gems Studios Wilmington, NC
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Tour Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington North Carolina
EUE Screen Gems Studios houses some of Hollywood's biggest production
Train Film Industry Workers
Governor Beverly Perdue announced this month that her 2012 – 2013 budget includes $1 million to launch training programs for those seeking jobs within the film industry. Cape Fear Community College and Forsyth Technical Community College would each receive funding to develop and offer new workforce training courses. Training would be designed to meet specific film needs so that new productions would be met with a trained workforce. 

EUE Screen Gems Studios North Carolina Tours
Public tours of EUE Screen Gems Studios have been discontinued until further notice. Studio tours ended not long after the conclusion of the final season of the One Tree Hill television series. However, the Hollywood walking tour features downtown TV and movie locations. Embark on a 90 minute, fun-filled walking tour that leads you through one of America’s largest living film sets. Would you like to know where One Tree Hill was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina? Visit actual TV and movie locations as you discover why Wilmington is known as Hollywood East. Call 910-794-1866 or 877-406-2356 to learn more about the Hollywood walking tour of Old Wilmington today!
Iron Man 3
Marvel Studios production of ‘Iron Man 3’, starring Robert Downey Jr., was shot at EUE Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina. EUE Screen Gems Studios North Carolina negotiated hard to capture this business. In 2009, Screen Gems added Stage 10 which features a special effects water tank. Although people though it was a risk, the hard work is paying off. After careful consideration, Marvel Studios chose Screen Gems Studios because they offered the right mix of space, talent, and incentive. ‘Iron Man 3’ was released in 2013 with record revenues at the box office! 

Revolution Television Series
Revolution is a brand new NBC television series and they are planning to film at EUE Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina. This new series will put hundreds of people to work and pump money into the regional economy. Warner Bros. shot ‘One Tree Hill’ in this very same region and plans to air ‘Revolution’ this coming fall. 
EUE Screen Gems Studios
1223 23rd Street North | Wilmington, North Carolina 28405
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